• “Divestiture” by Bruce Holland Rogers; shortshortshort.com February 28 2011


  • “Certainty” by Aubrey Hirsch; PANK, June 2011


  • “10,000 Dollar Pyramid” by Robert Vaughan; elimae, February 2011
  • “All Very Surprising” by Anthony Varallo; Weave Magazine, Issue 07
  • “Anchored” by Darrin Moir; Bartleby Snopes, June 2011
  • “Break” by Mishell Baker; Daily Science Fiction, April 7 2011
  • “Bulletproof” by Divya Raghavan; Every Day Fiction, November 29 2011
  • “Coda” by Phillip Sterling; In Which Brief Stories Are Told
  • “Flowers for Clockwork Street” by Jennifer Fierro; Every Day Fiction, August 30 2011
  • “Fright X” by Robert Swartwood; Storyglossia, Issue 43
  • “Hardy’s Mother” by Toni Martin; The Monthly, December 2011
  • “Ned Thrall” by Amalia Dillin; Daily Science Fiction, November 9 2011
  • “NPG’s policy on authorship” by Jordan Suchow; Nature, September 7 2011
  • “Obsidian” by Mandy Taggart; Indigo Rising UK, Issue 1
  • “Please Return my Son who is In Your Custody” by Helena Bell; Brain Harvest, July 10 2011
  • “That’s Show Business” by Bruce Boston; Daily Science Fiction, March 21 2011


  • Jacob M. Appel
  • Megan Arkenberg
  • Kevin A. Couture
  • Jennifer Dawson
  • Gay Degani
  • Chad Simpson
  • Shelley Singer
  • Alan Presley
  • Winner: $500 US & Trophy
  • Runner-up: $100 US
  • Total: 421
  • Electronic: 408; Postal: 13
  • Authors: 359; Editors: 61; Judges: 1
  • United States: 346; United Kingdom: 40; Canada: 11; Germany: 4; India: 3; Netherlands: 2; Norway: 2; Russia: 2; Antigua and Barbuda: 1; Australia: 1; Brazil: 1; Denmark: 1; France: 1; Ireland: 1; Italy: 1; Japan: 1; Poland: 1; Sri Lanka: 1; United Arab Emirates: 1

I believe we have a winner… and finalists!

With “Divestiture,” Bruce Holland Rogers wins his second Micro Award, and this time it includes a $500 prize.  His story is beautifully written, hits home, and has a great beginning, middle, and end–everything you would expect from an outstanding flash piece.  Well done!  While this is Mr. Rogers’ second Micro Award win, it’s the first winning story (or finalist, for that matter) to be self-published.  Could this be the first of a growing trend in flash fiction?  I doubt it, but only time will tell.

Aubrey Hirsch takes home the runner-up prize and $100 for “Certainty.”  Ms. Hirsch’s modern-day fable immediately connects with the reader, no matter what his or her views might be, and by the end, the reader is part of the story.  Bravo!  Interestingly enough, both Micro Award runner-ups were published in PANK.

Since we have more judges this year (seven instead of the usual three), we also have more finalists: 14 to be exact.  Just like last year’s crop, they include the full gamut of literary genres.  It’s safe to say there’s something here for everyone.  If there is any common theme to this year’s stories, it’s love and relationships–again, of all different shapes and sizes.

Of this year’s 16 stories, only three first appeared in print.  Fourteen of the 16 stories were published in literary journals.  Of those 14, only five appeared in professional markets.  Three appeared in markets that pay semi-professional rates, and six in markets that pay nothing at all.  Half of last year’s stories were from professional markets.  Every Day Fiction has two finalists this year, a feat last matched by both decomP and PANK in 2009.  Daily Science Fiction sets a new record with three finalists this year.  Also, PANK can now lay claim to being the only publisher of four Micro Award-honored stories.

Robert Swartwood continues his record streak, now being recognized by the Micro Award for four consecutive years.  Anthony Varallo, with his second straight year as a finalist, joins Mr. Swartwood and Mr. Rogers as the only authors to be recognized by the Micro Award more than once.  I’m sure they won’t be alone for long.

For the third year in a row, we received a record number of submissions…  421!  Everything was up from last year: author submissions, editor submissions, domestic, foreign, what have you.  If this trend continues, I’ll have to find another administrator!

Finally, I’d like to personally thank our all-star cast of judges: Jacob M. Appel, Megan Arkenberg, Kevin A. Couture, Jennifer Dawson, Gay Degani, Chad Simpson, and Shelley Singer.  They were a fantastic group to work with from start to finish and had a task that I didn’t envy–picking the top five stories.  They did a wonderful job, and the excellent list of stories they selected bears that out.  Thanks again!

Congratulations once more to the winner and finalists–you’ve set the bar high!  For the rest of us, keep reading and keep writing.  There’s one reason why the Micro Award is successful: YOU!  See you next year, and good luck!

Alan Presley, Administrator
February 29, 2012