The Micro Award – Fiction Writing

Everyone wants to be appreciated and acknowledged for what they do whether big or small. Have you read about a fictitious story that is almost real? Have you read a book that you always wish to reread and recommend to a friend. If yes then know that this is what fictitious writing is all about. There are different forms of fiction writing. What matters is that you convey the message to the target audience. The difference is seen in the different writing styles which some of them include poetry, novels, shorts stories, plays performance scripts, fiction writing and nonfiction ones. Some of the stylistic devices that you need to look at in fiction writing include:

  • Imagery
  • Symbolism
  • Flashback
  • Hallucinations among others.

What makes a good fiction story?


When looking at the language you have to first get to understand the target audience. Are they the young or the old or the professional or students? With this in mind, you will have to get to understand the kind of language that you need to use. In most cases, unless it is a research article on vocabulary use simple English for you do not know who will read this book even soon. It could be a book that high school students will use as their class readers. In language, try to make sure that you use formal English as much as possible and avoid dirty language unless it is a romance story.


The plot in writing is like the direction in which the story moves. You have to get the right plot that is attractive and gets the attention of the reader. The moment you have the right plot then the story moves. Just from the introduction, a reader would have an overview of what the book entails.


You have chosen the plot and the language and you need to ask yourself as an author. What is the message that I would love to relay to the world using this book? This narrows your writing to a particular topic such that the character will not veer off from the theme of the writing. Some of the themes that most fiction writings portray include relationships, marriages, politics, health, environment, food security among others. 

Character and character traits

When looking at the characters then this is the moment we are specific on the names as well as the behavior of the personalities that you choose in your writing. The character traits should portray the theme of the book. This is important such that when you opt to analyze the book you have some character traits that is evidence to the theme of the book.

Fiction writing is not just a flow of words but also a way in which you communicate something to the reader. Before the invention of technology, it is the authors that were like the opposition leaders. This was the platform in which people criticized the government of the day. It was also a way in which a specific vulnerable group had a way to air their views. 

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